This is  the capstone course of the entire BSc Engineering Programme. The course is a student-driven, research and development project. Monthly seminars, intended to support the student in the research process are held and students are assessed by a final project submission and dissertation presentation. The course is year-long and counts for 6 credits and contributes 20% of the final weighted average used in the determination of honours. ECNG3020 Special Project is designed to develop technical skills in the following areas: Design to specification; Formulation of creative solutions to engineering problems; Engineering analysis and enquiry; Validation and testing against benchmarks; Project management; Time management; and Communication. The course presents the opportunity to build upon the core of engineering skills gained in the earlier years and to broaden the scope of knowledge already gained. Project details are provided in a Project Handbook.

This course provides final year engineering students with a background in management and accounting skills to equip them to function in the business world. It provides a working understanding of the main elements of the successful planning, operation and control of industries and businesses as they relate to the following essential areas: Accounting and Finance; Management and Organizational Theory; Project Management, Production Planning and Control Techniques; and Introduction to Business Law. The course is loaded with examples of its applications in engineering firms and industries.