In modern measurement processes, the parameter to be measured is sensed and converted to an electrical signal for processing and display. The apparatus and methods used to perform this task include the use of a wide range of transducers and conditioning circuits that are usually interface to computers for final signal processing and display. This course highlights this measurement process and the design and operation of the electronic circuit and systems that enable it. In depth analyses of the physics of the operation of sensors and their interfaces to analogue and digital electronic circuits will be studied. Examples of Industrial measurement systems will be discussed with particular attention to their design details. Students will be exposed to the real world instrumentation and measurement system during their industrial case study sessions. This aspect of the course has proven to be very informative and eye-opening for the students creating high motivation levels and increased interest.

Course Code: ELET3430
Level: Level 3
Credits: 3 Credits
Semester: Semester 1
Pre-requisites: ELET2410 and ELET2430