The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the inner workings of embedded system solutions and the underlining technology, which include the development of circuits and embedded software programs. It exposes students to the structure and component of embedded controllers and the tools necessary for the development of embedded systems solutions. Students will also be exposed to the design and implementation processes of embedded system solutions. In addition students will develop the skills necessary to construct circuits and design algorithms to interface devices such as modem, GPS receivers, LCD and other input/output devices with a microcontroller based embedded system.

The learning experience is enhanced with computer-based exercises and assignments. The assignments will include: (1) a take home problem solving questions design to test student understanding of the theory; and (2) a report in the form of an IEEE paper structure on a survey of the state-of-the-art in embedded systems designs. The intent is to expose the student to high level technical publications

Electronics Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering
Course Code: 
 Level 2
 3 Credits
 Semester 2
 PHYS1410 and PHYS1420 (or equivalent), ELET1400, and CAPE Mathematics (or equivalent)