The main objective of this course is to familiarize students with digital circuits and systems and in particular, the internal operations and design of microprocessors – Reduced Instruction Set computers (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computers (CISC). Basic processor designs will be covered, including Sequential Logic and Memory Design. Having set a good foundation, advanced processing techniques such as Microprogramming, Cache Memory Management and an introduction to parallelism will be covered.

The learning experience is enhanced with computer-based exercises and assignments. The assignments will include: (1) a take home problem solving questions design to test student understanding of the theory; and (2) a report in the form of an IEEE paper structure on a survey of the state-of-the-art in digital circuits and systems. The intent is to expose the student to high level technical publications. Circuit simulation tools will be used throughout this course.

Electronics Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering
Course Code: 
 Level 2
 3 Credits
 Semester 1
 P14A/PHYS1410 and P14B/PHYS1420 OR CS11A/COMP1110 and CS11B/COMP1120