Vector calculus: parametric curves and arc length, review of partial differentiation, vector fields, line integrals and double integrals, Green’s theorem, surface integrals, triple integrals and Divergence theorem. Laplace transforms: definition and existence of Laplace transforms, properties of Laplace transforms (linearity, inverse transform, shift formulae, Laplace transform of derivatives), applications and further properties of Laplace transforms (solving differential equations, convolution and integral equations, Dirac’s delta function, differentiation of transforms, Gamma function). Fourier series: definitions, convergence, even and odd functions, half range expansions. Partial differential equations: definitions, heat equation (derivation, solution by separation of variables, insulated ends as boundary conditions, nonhomogeneous boundary conditions), wave equation (derivation, solution by separation of variables), Laplace’s equation in Cartesian and polar coordinates.